Why Tranquility Products?

At Comfort Plus, we recommend, feature, and discuss Tranquility Products a lot. Why is that? It is because of our history (how we were founded), our mission, and our continued belief in the superior quality of Tranquility products.

Comfort Plus Mission and History

Comfort Plus was founded by Martha O’Neill in 1992 following a horrific situation with her grandmother, Bessie Shippey. Prior to the establishment of Comfort Plus, Martha O’Neill was in search of the best incontinence products to help resolve her grandmother’s skin breakdown, odor, and embarrassment due to inferior products being used. When Martha found Tranquility products at a large healthcare conference, she was so impressed by the difference Tranquility made for her grandmother’s condition, and in her life, that she founded Comfort Plus to supply Tranquility to adults in the Southwest United States. It is because of our mission and history that we support Tranquility products.

What Makes Tranquility Superior?PeachMatGuarantee

Tranquility is known for having the most absorbent incontinence products on the market. The superior absorbency of Tranquility is highlighted in the Peach Mat Guarantee, which promises the unsurpassed overall performance in the areas of:

  • Skin dryness
  • Odor reduction
  • Urine neutralization
  • Inhibition of bacterial growth

However, Tranquility is about more than just these direct improvements as a result of higher quality products. Tranquility improves quality of life by allowing for uninterrupted sleep, reduction in incontinence related falls, reduced changes of product and clothing, and reduced laundry! Tranquility has proven clinical outcomes.

People Tell Us

Tranquility has shared countless consumer stories over the years from customers who have experienced life-changing improvements as a result of using Tranquility products. Below are a few amazing consumer stories:

“I have recently developed unexplained, intermittent rashes on my torso, the dermatologist thinks it could be eczema and tried many treatments without success except for oral steroids. I also developed an allergy to topical cortisone, the allergist has no alternative to that so I have to just tolerate any rashes unless they get severe enough to warrant oral steroids. I am a healthcare professional and a colleague handed me a Tranquility liner and I just placed it over the rash area for about a week and the rash has resolved. (I used the same dry pad and just kept it in place with my clothing). Is that amazing or what!! Your R& D people should be very proud!” – Oregon, OH

“As a community of Catholic sisters, caring for the eldest in our midst is a high priority. We value their years of experience and prayerful spirit. For more than a decade, Tranquility products have helped us provide for the comfort and health of our older sisters. In fact, we nicknamed your products “miracle pants” because they are so effective for overnight protection, thereby giving the infirm sisters and their sister-caregivers peace of mind and restful sleep. Over the years we have experimented with your competitors’ products, but Tranquility is simply the best for all-night coverage. Thank you for contributing to the security and “tranquility” of our monastic community!” – Guilford, CT

“I have dealt with urinary incontinence (NBD) since an injury in the Marine Corps when I was 19 years old. During that 30 years, I have tried many different products and Tranquility has proven to be the most reliable solution.

As a civil engineer I go to a lot of job sites for extended periods, oftentimes with no facilities available. Your products give me the peace of mind and freedom I need to plan my day around my work, and not my bladder issues. Thank you for a great product!” – Long Beach, CA

The Tranquility Pour Test

Tranquility is so certain they are the most absorbent product on the market, they have challenged their dealers to test Tranquility’s absorbency against any competitive product. Click the image below to view a clever video of Tranquility’s superior absorbency and quick wicking capabilities.


Tranquility is hyper focused on solving the heaviest and hardest incontinence conditions, for adults who cannot find a solution that works. In this way, Tranquility transforms lives and revitalizes dignity and self-esteem.

Still Wondering Why Tranquility?

I think you get it now why we love Tranquility. Our business was built off the success Bessie Shippey and Martha O’Neill found using Tranquility, and that has translated to thousands of customers across the United States. Thank you Tranquility for allowing Comfort Plus to impact the lives of so many adults and to do what we love, transform the lives of adults dealing with incontinence.

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