Three Tips for Keeping Dementia Patients Calm

When a friend or a loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, their caregivers (likely close family members) are often overwhelmed. They must quickly change lifestyle patterns to accommodate for this new life trajectory, all the while learning slowly about this disease.

Like most diseases, dementia can have a unique effect on each individual patient. No matter what symptoms your loved one exhibits however, these three methods are intended to help keep them calm and feel safe.

Three Tips for Keeping Dementia Patients Calm

Tip One: Step into Their World

In a segment titled “Magic Words” in Episode 532 of This American Life, Karen and Mondy Stobbe discuss how they’ve used their training as improv actors to enter into the world of Karen’s mother Sharon, who has dementia. This technique often involves Karen or her husband Monday agreeing with her mother when Sharon claims monkeys are flying in the front yard. They’ve claimed that this technique, while removed from reality, has forestalled many fruitless arguments.

Tip Two: Step Back from Stress

Tracking your loved one’s stressful periods and meltdowns can help you determine the root of what causes these critical periods. Once you’ve determined what’s causing your dementia patient stress, eliminate it from their schedule if you can.

Tip Three: Step toward the Comfort Plus Family

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