~ Monthly Incontinence Tips: Benefit with Swimmates® ~

For children and adults dealing with bladder and/or bowel loss, going for a swim may seem like something to avoid. Many people might use a reusable and washable swim diaper for added piece of mind, but clean up can be a mess and you end up buying a replacement.

Swimmates® offer a disposable solution that keeps you protected and gives you the confidence to get back in the water. Swimmates are designed for bowel containment and do not swell up in the water. We hear success stories from our customers who have truly benefited from aqua therapy, and others who have been revitalized by enjoying pool time with their grandkids again.

At Comfort Plus, we strive to provide a full range of solutions for anyone dealing with incontinence. We recognize the importance and benefits of swimming, aqua therapy, and hot tub therapy, and hope you can use Swimmates to enjoy these activities with confidence, dignity, and comfort. Shop our selection of Swimmates, from Youth (80lbs) through adult sizes (250+ lbs), so you can get in the water with confidence!

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