Manage Everyday Incontinence with Tranquility DAU

Adults experience incontinence for a variety of reasons. People with severe disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer of the bladder are at a higher risk for becoming incontinent as their condition progresses. There are also several less severe reasons for this problem, including a bladder infection, cystitis, and overactive bladder.

Regardless of the reason for urinary or bowel incontinence, it is essential for the person suffering from it to remain dry, clean, and comfortable. Tranquility DAU (disposable absorbent underwear) provides discreet protection for incontinence needs ranging from light to heavy. Comfort Plus is pleased to collaborate with Tranquility in offering incontinent adults the absorbent underwear and other products they need to continue enjoying life.

Varying Levels of Incontinence

For some people, incontinence is only an occasional problem. They may leak urine when they laugh, cough, sneeze, or feel a few involuntary drips between visits to the bathroom. A Tranquility pad is usually the most appropriate product to use in this situation.

Dribbling urine is the next step up from the occasional leak. The person feels a stronger gush of urine coming out, but he or she has no voluntary control over it. Those experiencing incontinence at this level may wish to consider an adult liner or a pair of thin disposable absorbent underwear from Tranquility. This is also an option for people who periodically have loose stools or who involuntarily dispel small amounts of fecal matter.

Tranquility offers extra-absorbent daytime and overnight disposable underwear for people experiencing complete loss of bladder or bowel control. Caregivers may also want to consider heavy-duty underpads to keep their loved one and the bedding as clean and dry as possible.

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