Incontinence Products Allow Seniors to Continue Swimming

According to Cornell University, 25 million Americans are affected by urinary incontinence. The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders reports that about 25 percent of people over the age of 40 cope with fecal incontinence. Therefore, neither of these issues is rare. Often these issues cause the people experiencing them to be too embarrassed to go swimming.

Studies have shown that swimming is a fantastic exercise for people of all ages, especially seniors. A consistent schedule of exercise for seniors helps increase strength and energy level while reducing risk of injury. Swimming is a complete, low impact workout that uses the entire body and has a very low risk of causing injury making it a fantastic form of exercise.

  • It is easy on the joints because body weight is supported by the water in the pool.
  • In addition it helps reduce the risk of Osteoporosis which affects a third of women and a fifth of men above 50.
  • Finally, swimming improves mental health by relieving stress and improving mood. Incontinence does not have to interfere with those looking to swim for exercise or for socialization. Incontinence products such as swimmates disposable swimwear provide the ability to swim with dignity and discretion.
  • The disposable swimwear is worn under a bathing suit and will provide containment of bowel incontinence.
  • Inner leg cuffs keep the bathing suit and swimming pool clean.
  • In addition a moisture proof barrier will protect light urinary incontinence before getting in the water.
  • When the swimming session is finished the disposable swimwear can be removed easily with the tear away side seams.

It should be noted that standard diapers and pads can not be used for swimming because they are designed differently and will become bloated with water. In addition waste could leak into the pool from the standard diaper. The waterproof disposable swimwear is made for immersion in a pool and designed to contain waste.

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